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Welcome to the Red Hill Church Blog!

Over the coming months, this blog is going to be filled with posts from the members of Red Hill Church. 

We believe that every person has a unique voice, and we believe that our family is filled with voices that are eager to share encouragement, wisdom, and some incredible stories. We hope that as we share these posts, covering everything from the importance of a good community to using board games for the Gospel, you will be encouraged to join us in our mission to experience real life in the real Jesus together. We hope that these blogs benefit you in a few specific ways.

Providing clarity on the various ups and downs of life 

Our lives are made up of different seasons. Some seasons are fun and exciting, while others are difficult and trying. We hope that as you navigate the various seasons of your life, the words shared here will provide some clarity, direction and encouragement. 

Opening eyes to new opportunities to love your church and community

There are endless opportunities to serve your church and community, but you may not be aware of the needs that exist. As we share stories of needs that have arisen at Red Hill Church and how people have stepped up to meet those needs, we want you to become aware of the needs around you and be inspired to meet them.

Reminding you that you are not alone

If you are in Christ, you are certainly not alone. You have been adopted by God as His child (John 1:12), and you have been brought into His Church. Specifically, he has given you a local church. The local church is the absolute best way to be with other people who will care for and love you.

At Red Hill Church, we want to be ‘a Gospel community on mission,’ and we want to encourage you to plug into a local church where you can do the same. Because, the local church is where we can truly “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ,” (Gal. 6:2). If you are in Christ, whatever you are facing — whether it is temptation, that one friend who just refuses to believe the Gospel, or navigating tough life decisions — you can have a church family who will love and care for you through every experience. 

Pointing you  to Jesus

Regardless of the topic at hand, Jesus is the topic. When you read a post from the Red Hill Church Blog, you will be reminded of how Jesus meets us in the thick of our lives (Heb. 4:14-15). We want Jesus to be in the middle of every day. As we cover various topics, we want to remind you that Jesus is the center of it all. 

Helping you use your voice for the sake of the Kingdom

We want you to use your unique voice to talk about Jesus. Each blog post is born out of personal experience, and believe it or not, every experience you have is tied directly to the good news of the Gospel. We can have a hard time connecting the ordinary moments of our lives to the big picture of God rescuing His people. This blog will, hopefully, help you make that connection.

We hope that as you hear stories of how God has acted in our ordinary lives, you would become more aware of how he is acting in your ordinary life — and that you would share that with the people around you!

As we share this blog, we want you to join us in our mission: to experience real life in the real Jesus together.