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You Can't Do This Alone


As the months pass, seasons change. We experience the cycle of summer, fall, winter, and spring. Even with the normal patterns, not every year is the same. Some winters are snowier, and some summers are hotter. Like the seasons, life is always changing. At one time you are on top of the world, and at another you've sunk to the bottom of the sea. Life is both predictable a...

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Our Discipleship Strategy is Each Other


"Discipleship" is one of those big church words. Here's the deal, though: the whole point of discipleship is to see people become like the one they follow. In our case, that's Jesus. At Red Hill Church, our discipleship strategy is each other! That's why we have Gospel Communities. Red Hill Church isn't built around programs or weekend gatherings. Yes, we have both of tho...

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The Beauty in Vulnerability


"Vulnerability actually does the exact opposite of what we think it's going to do. Vulnerability, instead of pushing people away, ends up making people draw closer, and go 'Me too'."- Andy Mineo I was in a difficult place during my sophomore year of college. When I came to campus for the second year, I didn't have many friends, and I didn't know any of my roommates. A lot...

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