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Why Church Planting?

Why Church Planting

Just over two years ago, a small group of people gathered at a basement in Glen Carbon, praying and dreaming about what God might do. Today as I write, we are planning and praying for the two Worship Gatherings that will celebrate the soul-satisfying, death-crushing, wonderful news of the Gospel this weekend at The Box.

All the credit for the things we've seen in the life of Red Hill belongs to Jesus. The stories of discipleship, salvation, and hope are evidence that Jesus is at work, and we observe His ancient and glorious pattern for saving the world in the way He is working through us.

In Scripture, we see that God's strategy for reaching a lost world is to take disciples of Jesus, train them up to make more disciples, and send them out to plant new communities of disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20; 2 Timothy 2:2; Titus 1:5) We call these gatherings, along with the New Testament, churches. Churches are local and beautiful expressions of God's family.

Christians are formed, trained, and sent with the Gospel in these local churches. They become outposts of the Kingdom of God that attack spiritual lostness in cities, on university campuses, and in rural communities. The good news of the Gospel is driven like a nail in the coffin of death in each place these churches are started. And God delivers his message of reconciliation to the lost world through the witness of faithful, joyful, normal people like you and I.

God is committed to glorifying himself in every tribe, tongue, and nation, through the starting of local churches. We call this act of starting new churches, church planting.

As we watch Red Hill grow, we see God beginning to move the pieces into place for us to plant another church. This is thrilling, daunting, and I believe, God's design for our local church. I'm convinced that the question we must each ask ourselves is this: How is God calling me to be involved in church planting?

We want to help you answer this question, and over the next year, you'll see us celebrate and prepare for the work of church planting.

The first thing we are doing is hosting an event called Why Church Planting? where we will eat dinner and explore this question together. Each month we'll host one of these events as we continue to seek God's direction in the planting of a new local church.