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"The Box"


What is “The Box”

“Where is your church?” It’s a question we’ve all been asked, and it’s probably a question we’ve asked others. This expression isn’t meant to be a theological statement but rather a simple expression of understanding. So people will say, “We go to church at __________.” But we don’t say that at Red Hill. We’re working hard to be intentional with this important truth: the church is people, not a building. So we never refer to our worship space as “the church”. We, the people who make up Red Hill, are the church. The building is not the house of God, where His Spirit dwells. The people are the temple, and His Spirit dwells in us. There is nothing sacred about the floor, the walls, the ceiling, or even the sound/lights. So we have made a conscious choice. We call our worship space “The Box”. We call it the box to highlight this truth: the space we gather in to worship God is just a building. What makes it special is that the people of God gather weekly in it. At the end of the day it’s just a facility, but we will always be the people of God.

Over the lifetime of our church we will meet in many different boxes. We’ve already gathered in homes, on SIUe’s campus, and now above Peel Pizza. Maybe someday we’ll own our own box, or maybe we’ll share a box with another group of Christians. Because the church is people (not a building), we can honestly answer “Where is your church?” with a resounding, “Everywhere and anywhere God sends us!”

Our church is in schools. Our church is in offices. Our church is in courtrooms. Our church is in gas stations. Our church is in sales meetings, and at football games, and taking walks, and on vacation, and caring for babies at home, and in line getting financial assistance, and serving the homeless downtown, and having a meal with friends. Our church is in Haiti, and our church is in India. No, we don’t have a lot of campuses. But we do have a lot of missionaries.

Red Hill is not a building, it’s a family.

“Where is our church,” you ask? Our church is all over the place, and on Sundays at 10am our church is at the box, just above Peel Pizza. We’d love to meet you there or anywhere else.