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Red Hill India Trip 2016


Red Hill India Trip

Team Members:

Rayden Hollis
Steven Davis
Nick Volkening

Trip Dates: October 17th - 28th

Trip Location:
 Southern India

Trip Synopsis:
Our India Mission Team will be spending two days traveling to India. The trip will span more than 26 hours, and Southern India is 11.5 hours ahead of the Central Time Zone. Our team will be arriving very early Wednesday morning (local time). We’ll take part of Wednesday morning to recover from our travel, and then we’ll begin our discipleship training with local leaders. Our team will go through three days of discipleship training, learning how the national partners are making disciples on the ground so that our efforts to reach the lost will match theirs.

This step is a critical one, as our team will be crafting a strategy for how Red Hill can help engage lostness on the ground. We want to do all we can to come alongside the national partners we’ll be working with so that their efforts can be multiplied. Our aim is not to start something new in India but to assist those already laboring on the ground.

After completing discipleship training our team will be going throughout Bangalore to prayer walk, evangelize, meet with and encourage church planters, and identify opportunities for future work. On Sunday we will have the opportunity to worship with local believers, and throughout the week we will be able to hear stories of church planters and followers of Jesus who have paid severely for their faith in Jesus. We will close out the week with a strategy recap, and we will plan together with our national partners for future engagement in Southern India.

Our return trip home will take another roughly 26 hours. We will return home Friday night, October 28th. We will undoubtedly have a lot of jet lag, and Nick will be resting up as much as possible to be ready to preach that upcoming Sunday (October 30th).

How can you pray for us?

Physical Health:
Pray for us as our bodies adjust to a different time zone, different food, and a different climate.

Spiritual Strength:
We will experience oppression and lostness on a scale like most Americans have never seen. India has a population of roughly 1.25 billion people. That’s more than 1/7 of the population of the entire world. The population of the United States is only 325 million. But the land size of India is less than half that of the United States. In India there are more than 350 million gods and goddesses. We will face unprecedented spiritual darkness, and we will need supernatural spiritual strength.

Traveling Safety:
We will have several flights, various taxis, and we will be traveling to several different sites in and around Bangalore.

Pray for our families:
Our families will have the emotional strain of our absence, the stress of worry about us while we’re away, and the additional responsibility of caring for homes, kids, and daily life without our help.


Later this week we’ll be posting more blogs about India, about unreached and unengaged people groups, about Hinduism, and about how we hope to be part of the gospel work going on in Southern Asia. Tune in, follow along, and pray for us every day!