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Haiti 30 Day Prayer Guide

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30 Days of Prayer for the Red Hill Haiti Mission Team

DAY ONE: Isaiah 6:1-8. Gratitude. Offer a prayer of gratitude that our team has stepped up to the plate to go to Haiti. Thank God for their willingness, and pray that God would continue calling people to go wherever He would send us.

DAY TWO: Psalm 85. Revival. Pray that God would bring revival to the nation of Haiti. God is sending a team to be healing hands, but our prayer is for more than physical healing. Ask God to go before our team and open the Haitians hearts to the gospel.

DAY THREE: John 17. Unity. Pray that God would keep our team unified. They will endure long days, foreign food, a language barrier, physically ill children and adults, and spiritual warfare during the trip.

DAY FOUR: Numbers 13:25-33. Courage. Pray that our team would courageously serve, love, and share the gospel. Many of them are still trying to raise the necessary support to fund their trip. There will be a lot of concerns that press into their minds and hearts as they finish raising money and as they finish preparing to leave for Haiti.

DAY FIVE: Melanie Farris. Pray for the leader of our team, Melanie Farris. Melanie has two daughters and a husband at home whom she loves very much. Pray that God would put her heart at peace about their schedules and safety, and pray that she would have incredible insight into the needs of her team and the opportunities they will encounter in Haiti.

DAY SIX: 1 Samuel 16:1-13. Sight. Pray that our team would be able to see as God sees, that they would be able to see beyond the physical needs and see the spiritual ones.

DAY SEVEN: Isaiah 61:1-7. Speech. Our team is going to Haiti to do medical missions, but doing medical missions is simply a platform from which we will proclaim the gospel. Pray that the Lord would give them a voice with the people they are serving.

DAY EIGHT: Luke 5:12-16. Touch. When Jesus heals the leper he touches him. Many of the Haitians will be physically ill. Some of them will have sores and will be contagious. Pray that our team, as they literally touch the sick, would be the very hands of Jesus.

DAY NINE: 2 Corinthians 2:14-17. Smell. Sometimes our team will have to work quickly and won’t be able to verbally share the gospel. Pray that God would work through the attitudes and work of our team and that every person our team serves would get the sense that there is something unique about these servants of Christ.

DAY TEN: Psalm 34:8-10. Taste. Pray that our team would be fully satisfied in Jesus. Pray that they would not look to results, not to salvations, and not to the number of people served. Pray that the team would be delighted in all that Jesus has done for them.

DAY ELEVEN: Rebekah Cavalier. Pray for team member, Rebekah Cavalier. Rebekah grew up in the Glen Carbon area and is close with her family, especially her young niece and nephew. Pray for Rebekah as she prepares to visit a new land and serve the Haitian people. Pray for Rebekah’s family to have peace as she follows God’s call to serve in Haiti.

DAY TWELVE: Psalm 100. Serve with Gladness. Pray that our team would be filled with gladness. Mission trips can be exhausting and frustrating. They often don’t go as planned. Pray that our team would be overwhelmed with gladness as they serve.

DAY THIRTEEN: John 9:1-7. Serve with Urgency. Our team will only be on the ground in Haiti for a short time. They will only have a few moments with each person they interact with. Pray that they would move and speak with urgency as they serve.

DAY FOURTEEN: John 15:1-17. Serve with Inner Strength. Pray that our team’s strength would be sustained by a tight connection with Jesus. They will face all kinds of pressures and temptations on their trip. Pray that their strength would not flow from a strong sense of purpose but from an intimate connection with Jesus.

DAY FIFTEEN: Jonah 4. Serve with Compassion. Pray that the hearts of our team members would break for the Haitian people. Pray that God would give them gracious and compassionate hearts as they meet the immediate needs of desperate people.

DAY SIXTEEN: Jonah Gaffner. Pray for team member, Jonah Gaffner. Jonah is a student at SIUE pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Pray that Jonah will serve boldly and seek opportunities for gospel conversations with the Haitian people that the team will meet.

DAY SEVENTEEN: 2 Corinthians 6:1-10. Salvation. Pray that God would bring salvation to the Haitian people. We will be bringing medicine which will bring them physical help and comfort, but our deepest desire is that they would find new life in Christ.

DAY EIGHTEEN: 3 John 1:1-2. Health. Pray that our team will enjoy good health during their trip. Travel, strange food, long days, and short nights take a real toll on a person. Ask God to give them strength and health as they serve Him by serving the people of Haiti.

DAY NINETEEN: Psalm 121. Safety. Pray that our team will be safe. We are taking every precaution to ensure their safety, but we look to the highest power to truly protect us. Ask God to keep our team safe and to keep their families back home safe during the trip.

DAY TWENTY: Courtney Lam. Pray for team member, Courtney Lam. Courtney is a junior at SIUE studying Exercise Science. Pray that Courtney will have confidence knowing that she is following God’s call on her life and that she will be used to show others the love of Christ. Pray also for peace for Courtney and her family as she travels to her first mission international mission trip.

DAY TWENTY ONE: 1 John 2. Anointing. Pray that God would supernaturally bless our team with His power and presence in all that they do. Pray that their every breath would be in perfect rhythm with God’s will for the moment.

DAY TWENTY TWO: Proverbs 22. Friendship. Pray that our team has favor with the local people we are working with in Haiti. We’re praying that community, discipleship, and friendship are born out of our efforts on this trip.

DAY TWENTY THREE: Bekah Pool. Pray for team member, Bekah Pool. Bekah is a junior in SIUE’s Nursing program. Pray for confidence and recollection as Bekah will be using her medical background to assist the medical personnel in Haiti.

DAY TWENTY FOUR: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Partnerships. Pray that God would connect us with individual Christians we can partner with in an ongoing basis. We’re praying for church planters, churches, orphanages, and other non-profits to come alongside us in our efforts to see Haiti reached with the gospel.

DAY TWENTY FIVE: 2 Timothy 2. Church Planters. Pray that God would raise up church planters out of our efforts in medical missions. This is a huge prayer for us as we long to see churches established in Haiti.

DAY TWENTY SIX: Harrison Goldberg. Pray for team member, Harrison Goldberg. Harrison is a student at SIUE working on a Business Administration degree. Pray that Harrison will develop relationships and provide Biblical encouragement with our Haitian contacts.

DAY TWENTY SEVEN: 2 Corinthians 8. Finances. Some of our team, and all of our future teams are still raising support. Pray that God would inspire more and more people to get on board with our mission to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, and pray that He would provide all the finances we need to fulfill His plans for us!

DAY TWENTY EIGHT: Acts 1-2. Future Trips. We’re praying that God would inspire our church to go on future trips to Haiti and all over the world. Maybe God is already stirring your heart even now! Pray that God would raise up missionaries from Red Hill to take the gospel all over the world.

DAY TWENTY NINE: 1 Peter 5. Supernatural Power. Our team will face all kinds of spiritual warfare as they travel to Haiti. Pray that God would give our team real supernatural power to overcome the darkness they will face.

DAY THIRTY: Matthew 16:13-28. New Churches. Pray that our efforts would result in new local churches in Haiti. We believe in the power of local churches, and we believe that God will use local churches in Haiti to make a long-term impact in Haiti.