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5 Distinctives of the Red Hill Identity


1.)We are a gospel centered, missional community.

Everything we do flows from our belief that Jesus has singlehandedly rescued His people from sin, death, and divine punishment. That is the message of the gospel, and we want to tell the world this very good news.

To be a gospel centered missional community means that we exalt the person and the work of Jesus Christ in all of life.

We see our lives as sacred, our calling as divine, and our mission as worship. Everyday life becomes sacred when it is offered to Jesus as a living sacrifice. Our aim is to be a group of disciples who live our everyday lives for Jesus and teach others to do the same. Our expectation is not that the world will come to us; but we will go to them.

God, before the world was created, planned on sending us to this community, at this time, to reach this generation with the gospel. We have been divinely called and commissioned as ambassadors of Christ, and our mission is to call all men, women, and children to worship him.

2.)We are led by and filled with broken people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus Christ.

“No perfect people allowed.” That’s how we say it around here. Our leaders, our families, our kids, and our friends are all broken people whose lives have been wrecked by sin, loss, betrayal, and mistakes. We are not a band of shiny, plastic people. We are raw. We are real. We are the most joy-filled, passionate, inspired group of people you’ll ever meet.

You don’t have to be perfect to fit in perfectly with us. At Red Hill, it’s all about Jesus.

We absolutely love to tell everyone the source of our hope and joy in the midst of our pain and loss: it’s Jesus. He is our hope. He is our joy. He is who we brag on, and His work is what we brag about. So relax, it’s not about us…and it’s not about you.

3.)We are passionate about bringing God glory by loving him and loving people.

Have you ever felt like Church was more about the building and the organization than the people? Have you ever felt like people were a means to an end? So have we, and it feels awful. Jesus summed up the entire Old Testament in four words: love God, love people.

The church is not a building; the church is people.

God’s missional purpose in the world is publishing His own glory, by establishing His own people. The missional purpose of Red Hill is exactly that. We want to bring God glory by reaching His people.

4.)We are meeting for worship on the campus of SIUE, because we want to make disciples of all nations.

We are not a "college church"; we are a church. SIUE is home to roughly 18,000 students and thousands more staff, faculty, and leaders. We have been called by God to reach some of those students. We’re not trying to reach SIUE alone with the gospel. We’re trying to reach the world with the gospel.

We want to see God move in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, SIUE, Madison County, and the world.

We have a close partnership with a campus ministry called “Cougar Fellowship”, and they are hosting us on campus. Since we don't have large overhead costs for a building, this allows us to pump more money into church planting, missions, and mercy ministry in our community.

We want to see college students, singles, families, and the world come to know the transforming love of Jesus Christ, and we believe starting where the world comes to learn and exchange ideas is the perfect, most strategic place to launch.

5.)We love our community.

The Ed-Glen (Edwardsville/Glen Carbon) community is the greatest community on earth. There is a warmth to the people and a sense of community seen in ongoing summer events. 
It’s a great place to raise a family, get an education, and a great place to have some fun.

We love our community, and we want to spend ourselves in demonstrating that love.

We’re not looking to come in and fundamentally change the identity of our community, but we do want to raise the ceiling of their enjoyment by introducing them to the transformative love of Jesus Christ.

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